Exploring Bohol, PH..


Bohol province is awesome and amazing.

Tarsier the smallest monkey in the world is one of the tourist attractions in Bohol. Pwede silang makita sa Corella at sa Loboc in Bohol.

Chocolate Hills is the pride and the famous tourist attraction in Bohol .The 1, 776 hills are covered with green grass that turns brown during summer season  like chocolate.

Virgin island is also one of the famous tourist destination  in Panglao, Bohol.

This signage is located in front of St. Joseph Cathedral Chutch in Tagbilaran City, Bohol.
Julio, the author’s grandson.
Saint Joseph Cathedral in  Tagbilaran City, Bohol

San Vicente Ferrer Parish is the only Gothic church located in the municipality of Calape, Bohol.
The sea is so clear in Bohol, an ideal place for snorkeling.
Map of Bohol
Calamay is so popular delicacy in Bohol. My fav sweet and thick delicacy is packaged in a coconut shell.

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    1. You are very welcome. Nindot na kaayo ang Calape karon. I guess your parents was raised in Liboron, Calape. Are you in Honolulu? I live in Hawaii -The Big Island. I’m going back after Christmas. See you soon.

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